A Weekend in Houston


 I forget that you don't have to travel miles away to see amazing things. I haven't visited Houston in years but if there was anything that I've remembered is that the food is really great. This time around I actually went to a Houston must see attraction. The drive from Dallas is a 3 hour trip which is nothing. I'll need to see the rest of the lone star state more often. The Water Wall is #18 on the list of places to see in Houston but it was the closest thing to where my boyfriend and I were staying. The funny thing about the water wall is that it's a monumental thing seated in the busy area of Houston seated next to the Galleria Mall. When driving here, I could only see the back of the Waterwall which was disappointing. I thought, "this is it?!" but It's the front that is pretty swell. This elongated green patch leads you to the entrance of the waterwall. The closer you get to it, the sound of the city becauses a whisper as the rushing water of the wall hits the bottom. It's refreshing to walk up to it. It's got a cool breeze and mist. Needless to say it was the answer to a Texas summer day. And you can't beat FREE attractions. It's a lot bigger in person as you can see in the photos. The scale is underestimated. We got lucky coming early in the morning when noone was there. By lunch time people were gathering to take photos.


IMG_3120one                IMG_3156

I've been using my OLIOCLIP iPHONE attachment lately and I love it! My sister gave it to me for Christmas and it's the proven accessory for phone photographers. It gives instagramming a lot more excitement. I'll be posting a photo swag post on this gadget. You can see waterwall photos that I took with my phone [ here ].


Returning home, a friend suggested we stop by Woody's. It's a famous Houston pit stop. It's about an hour and 21 minutes from the city. It was pretty crowded when we got there. But its not just a place to eat, you can buy jams, marmalade, honey, dressing, and tons of meat. Never anything wrong with that. I ended up walking away with a ton of beef jerky, 2 jars of honey, and butter toffee almonds. My one regret is that I didn't buy a ton of the butter toffee almonds.