Warby Parker Summer Day 2


This one is a double whammy! I'm showing off not only a park of WPs but also a pair of thrifted shoes I picked up at Goodwill. I love the Everett because the sublte thing about it is the deep hue of blue. I think that's honestly the only thing unique about it but I think it fit the outfit also. I was channeling a young Vera Wang when I put together this outfit. Simple, classic black and white, comfortable, but still little traces of style. I think that is definitely what got Vera to be such a fashion icon - she consistently delivers that same look with a tiny twist. And I have to tell you about my $5 pair of Stanley Korshak shoes which also fit the ensemble. The cut on the sides is my favorite part. I'm not usually a low heel girl but I had to get these! I've already scuffed them up because I wanted to wear it while doing tons of errands. -___-