The Klein Family


On a windy Sunday afternoon, the Klein family and I got together to take some great portraits at my go to location Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. For 60 minutes, I got to photograph a great looking family where Lady Wind was not with us. We fought big breezes to get some smiles but as always my clients are tough and can dish out that moneymaker face when it counts. I am thrilled to have shot such a swee family against the vibrant floral pigments that Spring had to offer. They were dressed up really cute too! I'm big on matching kids and parents although I had a very opposing opinion when it came to my own family pictures growing up. It just looks tens times more intentional with coordinated colors and outfits. Thank you Elisa and your gorgeous family for giving me a great photo session to add to the blog! It's a great closing post because summer literally is here!

IMG_1309 IMG_1261-2 IMG_1272-2IMG_1283IMG_1365IMG_1321 IMG_1405 IMG_1417