An Irish Touch


There's nothing like getting an Apple product. It's a great tech gadget to show off.And its soooOoOoo handy and useful when you want to feed into your idleness. But the best part about getting an Apple product is dressing it up. Yeah, I've traded in dressing up dolls to dressing up my tech stuff. It is incredible the amount of accessories available for any new smart phone, laptop, or tablet, but the really (not really) big surprise is that there are a million just for Apple stuff. After I got my mini iPad, I was really desperate to find something to protect it. I searched everywhere online to find one that I wanted. I didn't want a case or a shell. I needed a small amount of protection with minimal design. A simple cover or slip would be enough. I wasn't planning to bring it anywhere . After numerous visits and utilizing SEO skills to look, I finally stumbled across the options I wanted. ETSY - it truly is the best place to go to find that specific item you want because 9 times out of 10 someone else has thought of it too and has made that item tangible. After narrowing it down, I found Cocones - a site that had multiple products in their sturdy, waterproof, and thick wool material with hints of leather to dress it up. I knew instantly that I had to order. I would price it with $$$ signs. Coming straight from Ireland - yeah Ireland - I waited about 2 weeks via USPS. The people who are Cocones were even nice to respond swiftly to my questions via Etsy messaging. They leave nothing to question except for shipping time which is understandable. Who would know for sure if they will receive something coming from halfway across the world? It came in matching packaging which is a big bonus to me. I cannot express how important package design is in adding to user experience. Graphic designers, UX designers, and marketers - you know what's up. I love my matching laptop and mini iPad case. (I couldn't resist) Happy customer I am!!! It's nice to have a more of a professional looking accessory to show off in front of my clients or even to friends and family. That's right, get jealous because of my sexy aqua resistant thick wool covers...or go get one yourself =) cocones1lo cocones2lo cocones3lo cocones4lo