Melanie, All Grown Up


From high school senior to college senior, my good friend Melanie asked me to photograph her as she comes to an academic finale at the University of Texas at Dallas. We had our little session at the Visual Arts building and we moved about the campus. She selected three outfits to correlate to the 3 locations that were very important to her during her college years. But first, here is a photo of Mel when we took her high school portraits. The image on the left is still one of my favorite images from that time. The right is that same face years later.

MN00IMG_7465 MN1 IMG_7481 MN2IMG_7488IMG_7495 IMG_7515 IMG_7518 IMG_7519 IMG_7535IMG_7566 IMG_7560 MN3IMG_7741 MN5 MN6 IMG_7774MN8 IMG_7823MN9IMG_7925MN10IMG_7909IMG_7927

Congrats to Melanie! Off you go into the real world! I know she'll become a great dentist!!!

It's funny that she has evolved from a quirky little teenager to a smart (but still quirky) confident lady. It's amazing to look at how incredibly terrible the high school senior photos that I took are. I was just an eager girl with a camera. Now, its great to reflect my own growth through these new series of photos that I shot of Melanie. We both have grown and it's great that we have done so for the better.