Nanjing has to be one of the most rich in history. I enjoyed visiting this province because our local tour guide talked about a lot of different kings and emperors. She talked about a lot of historical stories that incorporated the stops we were going to. And she was an incredible storyteller - she knew when to keep us on our seat or let us guess when things would happen. She made the traveling a whole lot of fun. She also spoke of the book, "Rape of Nanking" by Iris Chang which is a pretty famous piece of literature detailing the horrific experiences that happened to the people of Nanjing. I'm eager to read it but I have no patience to sit still and read. Last book I read was The Hunger Games. beijing27 the-rape-of-nanking-the-forgotten-holocaust-of-world-war-ii

Anyways, I would hate to continue talking about anything that is really sad or irrelevant so I'm just going to throw out some photos =)


I was really inspired by the photographer who started "The Sartorialist" series which chronicles street walkers and their trending fashion all over Europe. I wanted to do the same but I lacked the courage and the language to ask people. It was a good mix of old and young people and their styles were distinctly different.


At the time, I thought it was cool to be photographed in a sewer tunnel. Mistake.

NANJING6 Nanjing7 Nanjing8

Yellow/Gold is considered a lucky and wealthy color. So naturally, only the emperor could don his rooftop with gold.

Nanjing9 Nanjing10 Nanjing11 Nanjing12 Nanjing13 Nanjing14

I loved all the locks and designs of the doors in China.

Nanjing15 Nanjing19Nanjing16 Nanjing17 Nanjing18 Nanjing20

Last image of that day.

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