Anna + JJ, The Wedding


The greatest perk about photography hands down has to be the ability to travel for work. And I'm not talking a silly 30 minute drive to the chapel, no I mean, a good amount of time that requires you to plan accordingly. I was so blessed to travel to San Antonio, about 4-5 hours from Dallas, Tx. I haven't been to San Antonio in such a long time. In fact, the only vague memories I had were from photos that my mother had in the albums. I, along with my trusty 2nd photographer Ellie, drove late Thursday, November 1st, into downtown San Antonio with a breath taking view of the Menger Hotel and the historic Alamo standing right next to it. I felt really grateful to be there -to take in the cultural Spanish influences, colorful architecture and the uniqueness of the city's surrounding spaces...but I digress.

Sooooo Anna and JJ. This couple I only met once prior to the wedding day - via late night through Skype chat talking about penis pinatas (yes, I said penis) and Sea World creatures. By far, their wedding was not only sweet and beautiful, but extremely welcoming and inviting. I felt so much like a part of their families. Everyone, I mean everyone was so kind!

I was specifically asked to photograph all the DIY items they made for the wedding. I hope I did all the wonderful Pinterest and Etsy inspired items justice..

One of my favorite images of Anna - she was cool and collected throughout the whole day except when it came down to saying her vows =)

When I mean nice, I really mean it. Knowing that I had to leave literally right after the wedding to make it to another wedding, Anna prepared Ellie and I a bag of goodies for the long drive back to Dallas. It had tons of energy drinks and snacks.

Thank you so much Anna and JJ for letting me photograph your wedding! I hope one day to see you both again soon!!! CONGRATS!