PT + Tommy Engagement Session

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Our little session begins at Bishop Street at The Soda Gallery. Phuongtrang aka PT is a childhood friend of mine. She and Tommy, her fiance, have been dating long distance for a long time now. He lives in Pittsburgh and she in Dallas. They were able to take a quick session before they get back to their lives and planning for their wedding.

This place is really cool because you can buy throwback vintage sodas for a good price.

I love that they recycle too!

You'll notice the next few images have different backgrounds. Bishop street has way too many cool backgrounds and ops for photos that I couldn't pass them up!

The whole time we were shooting Pt & Tommy were worried about their dogs. We didn't last a few minutes without them mentioning their sweet puppies. They were so cute just caring for their canine friends.

You can just tell they are so happy when they are with their dogs =)

We moved our shoot into the city of Dallas by visiting Thanksgiving Square. I love this area. Lan Ha showed me this place a long time ago and I just think that there is something beautiful about the space. It has great architecture, nature, and art all sitting smack dab in the middle of Dallas.

So its pretty awesome that Tommy can draw!!! He drew this incredibly detailed picture of Alice  for PT.

I'm not sure what I like about this black and white image, but they seem really at ease - which was not always how it was that day! (They came into this session extremely nervous) But they did fine!

They are so goofy in this picture.

Much respect at the Thanksgiving Square. Did you notice the face peeking out between the couple? haha is it creepy?

When I asked PT how Tommy proposed, she told me that he cleverly made custom M&Ms that had thier picture and the phrase "Will You Marry Me" in different shades of purple. She brought me a whole pack to photograph and eat. When I told her I felt bad that we weren't going to eat them, she said "Don't worry! We have a lot!" lol

As our session was wrapping up, so waseverything else. The sun and train made appearances which made it perfect to our closing.

Thank you for a fun day PT & Tommy! Congrats on your engagement! I can't wait for your winter wedding!!!

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