kai + david . july 21, 2011 . fort worth, tx

You're thinking why am I posting this image first? Before I begin this extremely long post, I want to recap to all you viewers that I met Kai while I was still a Bio major. We hung out often and the first image you'll see above is circa 2008. We were celebrating my birthday at Jonny Carino's. It's so great to see Kai, Sheena (on my left) and Jen (far left) all grow up and become accomplished ladies. One is married and another is already engaged! My, how time flies! Due to some serious soul searching and not too awesome grades in Biology 1301, I switched majors to Photography with Business a few years later. And because of this switch, I happily present to you the day that Kai got married to David.

The Marty Leonard Community Chapel - A truly beautiful chapel.

Invitation designed by Kai's Graphic Designer Older Brother [ Jonathan Thompson ]

 meanwhile downstairs....

The dressing room in the chapel was too small to contain all of Kai's family!

Isn't Kai's hairpiece awesome??!! She really pulled this off!

the accessories.

we snapped portraits before the ceremony began =)

After portraits, Kai had to run back down stairs as the guests came rolling into the chapel.

YAY! A happy bride!

I love this image. They look so relaxed.

7:00 pm! Time to grab the groom first (who happened to be waiting in the room next to Kai).

I wanted to show the mid section of the chapel

YAY! It is official!!!

An homage to the glorious high five from their engagement session lol

They make goofy faces...a lot.

After the wedding, Kai & David had asked to secretly photograph themselves with plaques that they made. They wanted to give the photographs immediately after the wedding to their parents as a gift. It was a such a sweet and thoughtful thing for them to do! These were one of my favorites.

Reception Venue [ 809 at Vickery ]

She made me laugh with this pose. I had to take a picture of it =)

Cake cutting time!

The Other David. This was my fellow photographer shooting with me. MUCHO THANKS to this guy!!! His camera broke immediately after our bridal portrait pictures but he was totally calm about it. I would have been freaking out. Luckily, we had back ups.

Also a special thanks to the thoughtful [ Kim Kreidler ] She was the other photographer at the ceremony.

Dance time!

A Wonderful Wedding comes to an end!!! Congratulations again Kai & David!!

Feel free to leave well wishes to the newlyweds below!!