Me Encanta la fotografia!

I had a serendipitous moment at work where I ran into two of the most adorable kids. Introducing Ian & Emily! These blue eyed kids were so cute and nice to me that I couldn't pass up a chance to photograph them. After talking to their mom, Ellen, we excitedly planned a little shoot which involved something summer would be lost without - LEMONADE!!! It turned out to be a great success! As soon as we got started we had to move some props around. Ian & Emily were so thoughtful helping their mother as best as they could.

When we came up with ideas, Ellen had mentioned that her neighbor had a cute lemonade stand we could borrow which I happen to agree is awesome.

I have to tell you that this shoot could not have been possible without Ellen! She was super sweet and wonderful helping the kids out with fun things to say or do! Ian & Emily are well versed in Spanish because their mom majored in Spanish in college. The kids were saying cute phrases in Spanish while we snapped photos.

Aren't they just the sweetest? (and the lemonade too) I had to include these snaps of Emily in the post. She was trying so hard to squeeze lemonade into the cup not knowing how futile it was =)

We shot this around 9 in the morning so we had to put a limit to the sugar intake that these kids were getting from the lemonade lol.

I asked Ian to make goofy faces - not sure what he was doing with his hands...

Gotta keep those kids entertained! The lemonade idea didn't last too long with them so it was a good thing I brought BUBBLES!

I have to explain this far right image of Emily. In order for the kids to look in my direction we had asked for them to blow the bubbles towards me. Little miss Emily decides that in order for to achieve the objective, she must run up to me and blow the bubbles straight in my face. This was what I snapped of her before she almost collided into me =)

(I asked Emily to hug her brother)

This is one of my favorites.

Isn't she so cute!!! I love this picture of her!

I had such a wonderful time with Ian, Emily, & Ellen! This summer session was so great because it was a collaborative effort and we got some amazing shots.

As soon as I snapped this one I knew that this last one was going to be my all time favorite.