A Ten Year Anniversary

It is a true pleasure to photograph Lan & Byoung. I've know them for 2 1/2 years now. They are a fun and ecletic couple. They are super cool because they have traveled EVERYWHERE. I've gotten to try different foods, experiences and more through them. I never had crawfish until I met them! When Lan asked me to photograph them for their 10 year anniversary, I couldn't be happier. She knew right away that she wanted to be photographed by a huge patch field of blue bonnets. We drove to Garland at 6:30 a.m. to catch an early morning session before I went off to Paper Affair. This session was worth the early wake. We got there and I had a good time with them! Congrats to you both Lan & Byoung! I know you two will have a blessed year and many more to come!!!

Lan's jacket is water proof on the outside so we were able to shoot photos sitting in the wet dewy grass. Oh how it helps to be prepared!!!

I love this shot! It's fun to capture a spontaneous moment where couples are laughing together =)

Props make all the difference in a photo session. The chairs and vintage suitcase are wonderful pairings for Lan and Byoung. They both travel often. Also, the chairs are the latest obsession that Lan has been working with. Lan has been reupholstered some furniture lately (which I plan to post photos soon). These chairs are part of her dining room which we added last minute. I'm so glad she decided to bring them!



Of course another jumping picture to add to the books. I think they are so cute in these pictures! Byoung looks like a little kid - so happy!! =)


I personally wanted to avoid high key lighting coming from the sun. We were fighting against the sunrise but the photos were still good. Lan looks uber sweet in the left image!

The real stars of the show? The bluebonnets!! The whole time we were there, we tried our very best to not squish them! We made sure to consciously look for patches of grass where we could stand on.

Best shot of the day!