Kimmy + Max

Kimmy approached me months ago for a photoshoot but the Texas weather was so unpredictable. We finally had a chance to take photographs this past Sunday at the Dallas Arboretum. I have never met Max in person. The four year old son of Kimmy is always super cute when I see pictures of him on facebook. As soon as I met him, I knew I was going to have a great time photographing him! He was sweet, adorable, and a natural in front of the camera.  He gets it from his mom. It was such a fun session. I had so many photos to choose from! Thank you Kimmy and Max! You two were a pleasure to work with!

this is one of my favorites =)

At the Dallas Arboretum, they had these great big castles scattered around the area. Kids loved playing in the castles including Max who seemed to enjoy jumping through windows.

So Max had this really cool toy that you could get a top to spin in the air. I love his determined facial expression. Obviously, he had trouble getting the top to go high up in the air. It kept going too low and almost hitting his face.

Poor Kimmy ><

THIS is my FAVORITE shot of the day.


And of course I had to grab a photo with this kid.  =D