Kai + David

[What]     Engagement Photos [When]    The day before my flight to California

[Where]  Watters Creek in Allen, TX

[Who]      The funnest couple around

My earliest memory of hanging out with Kai was in her car that she named after a video game character (sorry, Kai, I forgot >< ). I was in the shotgun seat and she was driving and she was singing the lyrics of Family Force Five's "Drama Queen". I knew we'd be good friends ever since. Flash forward about four years later, Kai is engaged. Time flies.

My time with Kai and David was awesome. I've never met a more fun couple. Not only were they photogenic, they were crazy, cool, and goofy! There are some couples where you can just see chemistry and love. These two are definitely one of them. Thanks for a great time Kai & David! I cannot wait until you two get married! Congrats!!!