Melanie 2.0

Another creative photoshoot with the quirky Mel! Unfortunately, I lost a great deal of wonderful shots in my memory card. Here are just a sad but grateful few that I salvaged. Hope you enjoy!

This left shot is just the perfect expression of Melanie. It's sweet, endearing, and cute!

The best surviving photo! I had some lovely ones of Melanie in her '70's type outfit but alas they are gone.

Melanie was so kind! When I told her the tragic news of all the photos lost, she was not at all mean! I was apologizing for all the hard work gone out the window a million times over. I expected her to be bummed and a little upset. We worked so hard planning and creatively directing the entire shoot. All she said was, "I  just feel bad for you because I know you wanted to use them for your website!" Melanie, you truly are a great friend to have!