The Sweet Disposition of Mikaela

I got the chance today to photograph one of the cutest girls ever! Mikaela is a beautiful four year old who apparently loves dolphins and dogs. She was so much fun and thoughtful of me the entire photoshoot. We had to pin her dress up with safety pins.One of the things she said was, "I hope you don't get hurt!" She LOVES making goofy faces. But she was so willing to smile whenever I asked.

My sister had painted her nails with a bright fuschia color. She was showing it off the whole time!

These two swing shots are technically not my cup of tea - but I was drawn to these immediately. Her eye contact in the first one is compelling. The second one was just fun =)

I adore this shot so much! I asked her to take a picture with me and she told me to go to sleep. I used a very "myspace" angle to take this shot and I was very pleased.