DIY Flash Diffuser Study

So I have a wonderful opportunity to photograph a friend's nephew's 100th day celebration party (pics to be posted soon!) however for weeks i couldn't find my flash. I had no time to buy any new ones and I knew the flash was hiding somewhere. In a desperate attempt to make my photographs better I turned to some do-it-yourself projects where I came across very affordable ways to  achieve good light without breaking the bank.

I got the idea from here and the results are as follows:

The "A" images are with the flash straight on & "B" is the fill flash approach

Not bad, I thought. Fun as it was to make this little cheap project. I found that the work to put the foil inside the cup was tedious and the overall look of it seemed tacky.

I'm not saying it didn't achieve good results but in a professional place - I'd stick to my speedlite.