lan + hugo: a canadian engagement

What a fun weekend I had! Lan and Hugo are super sweet!. We spent a good full weekend from early morning to late at night taking tons of photographs for their engagement pictures! Here are some of my favorite ones! Some might not be the best technically, but I am just happy to capture a moment that can't be replaced. IMG_9039even i have to admit that its hard to get in front of a camera and smile or keep a particular pose for awhile. i think this picture is so cute because you can tell that the two are still trying to get used to it.

IMG_9171this one is much better! how sweet of hugo to carry lan across those rocks!

IMG_9440this is one that i thought was just funny. it's important to have fun when taking these kind of pictures. you can see Lan's cousin in the background. hugo, you can tell, has a good sense of humor =)

IMG_9580Oh how cold the weather is in Canada! But Lan & Hugo make it look like it's super warm outside! They are good sports about stepping into the freezing waters! And the photo turned out great!

IMG_9648This is an unorthodox photo, but I like to think there is a soft romanticism about not having a care in the world because you're with your loved one.

IMG_9684Jumping pictures! Who doesn't enjoy that?

IMG_9822The foliage in Canada was absolutely vibrant! I love how Lan's dress pops amidst the yellow.

IMG_9982Yes this photo is blurry.  I just snapped it as I saw how comfortable and happy Lan and Hugo look.I feel like I just happened to come across a couple in an intimate setting. Sepia colors always add a touch of that element.

I can't wait to witness their wedding next year!