Dallas Engagement Session at White Rock Lake : Ann & Paul

Let's just start off with how Paul met Ann. On Youtube. They tell me this story as we make our way up the hill at Winfrey Point at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. But instead of me typing it out I'm going to just put what they wrote. (Sorry Ann & Paul : I stole your story from your wedding website lol!) I just truly loved their encounter and so I thought it was best shared from their POV. Not to mention it's just really adorably written. 

Paul's side of the story...

March 4, 2015. The Texas version of a blizzard rolled in Dallas/Fort Worth and guess who decided to meet up for the first time at a restaurant and see a movie? Only Ann Dang and I. There was no one at BJ's Brew House because everyone wanted to stay home during the blizzard. Smart. But you could argue that we stayed warm because sparks flew that night.

The first moment that I laid my eyes on Ann, I couldn't help but smile because I knew that she was the one. I can still remember what she wore that night; a teal button up shirt, blue jeans, a black North Face jacket, red rain boots, and her Warby Parker glasses. She was beautiful and she was to bemy future.

So being the only ones left in the restaurant and having been told that we needed to leave, we walked outside to find that a blanket of snow had fallen. It was graceful. As I walked Ann to her car I was nervous because I didn't know how I was going to say bye. Luckily, I offered to scrape the snow and ice off her windshield allotting me a few extra minutes to decide what I was going to say. Plain and simply stated; "Would you like to do this again sometime?" Little did I know that these words would be the start of something so amazing.

BOOM. I knew it was only by Divine intervention that put Ann and I together. And now I have the greatest honor of all, to marry the one and only, Ann Dang.

Ann's side of the story...

Well, ya know...it started out like any other normal day...I woke up, went about my day, eventually checked my Instagram and lo and behold, I had a new notification, a "like" so to speak, on one of my photos, but...from someone I did not know.

This mystery person turned out to be a Mr. Paul Jordan Wilkerson.

So, like any other normal/curious person I decided to "check out" Paul's IG (Instagram) account and next thing I knew, we were playing "like-tag" on IG. Sometime later...say, like a week or so, I received a new message on my facebook account.

It went word for word like this...
" I really like your voice! Hi, I'm Paul by the way. :)."



Paul actually first saw Ann on YOUTUBE! He was searching for the Christian Music Artist Hillsong and looking for a specific song cover where he stumbled upon Ann's youtube video and heard her lovely voice. 


Ok so yeah don't you want to just die because they're so incredibly cute? I knew Ann for years growing up and I know her older sister fashion designer, Lucy Dang. Ann and I played sports together but we rarely had a chance to get to know each other. And the engagement session was just great because not only did I get to see her but I got to see her with Paul. These two are super duper corny. They make derpy faces, goofy jokes, and are super crazy in love. I found that out very quickly. Paul a ctually wanted me to photograph their wedding that's next month. Unfortunately, I couldn't on that day but I was thrilled to take their e-session! Ann and Paul are super laid back as in they didn't really care where we went for taking pictures. We started off taking photos of them in traditional garb where Paul donned his uniform and Ann wore a beautiful red Ao Dai (Vietnamese dress). Even though we had a blast taking photos in those clothes, these photos in the post are my favorite. I feel like these outfits by the lake best suited their personality. I've been dying to take photographs at White Rock Lake because I've seen so many photos taken here. Little did I know that after some extensive research, the lake has just a million amazing photo opportunity spots including Winfrey Point. The day we took photos was beautiful! The weather was slightly windy but with a tinge of humidity and I chose to do a sunset time frame around 4:30pm. We got to see tons of people running, biking, and met some feathery friends too!

I enjoy the little details of photo sessions where subtlety hints at a person's character. For example, I love Paul's USA socks! They were the perfect quirky accessory to the outfit. Not only did it bring in some color and pattern but it suited him because Paul is a Lieutenant of the U.S. Army Corps! Even Ann's red toenails carried the accent color! 

As the sun began setting, we started losing light but we got some wonderful images. I really had a hard time choosing which ones to put on the blog. But as how sad I am that I won't get to photograph these two on their special day, I know they'll get some great images! These two make it easy! Thank you Paul and Ann for your patience! Congrats in advance to you both!!!