From Wildcat to Bear

AHN, Youngbi

Another senior session that I was lucky to have photographed! Miss YoungBi and I got to take some great photos at the Haggard Park in Plano, Texas. It was one of the nicest days that we had in April! I had a had a great time with YoungBi because she pulled off several different outfits! She was extremely poised the whole time! I had to cut down on a lot of my favorites so these are the ones that made the list. YoungBi, congratulations on making it through high school!! College is an amazing time in a student's life and I hope you'll have a blast at Baylor University! Sic 'Em Bears! AHN1 AHN2 AHN3 AHN4 AHN5 AHN6 AHN7 AHN8 AHN9 AHN10 AHN11 AHN12 AHN13 AHN14 AHN15 AHN16

Just have to brag about how much I love using the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L & the 50mm f/1.8 lenses - these are two of my go-tos when I photography people. It makes such a difference to have equipment to help fuel your creativity, explore possibilites, and make your smiles clearer than ever. lol I just laughed when I wrote that last part - absolute goober-ish.