After using one of Herbivore Botanicals products personally and enjoying my experience using their skincare products, I sought out Herbivore Botanicals directly on creating strong high quality images for their website. I worked together with the company's co-founder Julia Willis and Chief of Operations Alison Kern to supplement their business with the images they needed.. We stayed with the original lighting set up which had a strong highlight and a more visible shadow to create an almost "sunny" like atmosphere. Keeping things bright and shiny was essential. The company had over 42 individual products with supplemental inset images with a span of over 150 unique photos. The goal was to create seamless customer conscientious pictures that showed the product clearly straight on as well as the content inside. The website relaunched with all new product images in October 2015.The brand has already successfully gained huge momentum through Sephora.com, Goop.com, and Nordstrom.com as well as being featured on Vogue.com and InStyle Magazine.



Contracted by The Infinite Agency, I was asked to photograph an entire line of skincare products for a website scheduled to launch in following weeks. The products were all shot on white for a nice standard and the nearly 6 hour photoshoot (not including editing) contained over 40 individual items needed to be shot, placed in a set, and then restyled for a hero shot. Lighting white on white products is something that takes time and patience and the branding agency allowed me to exercise my product photography background to clearly display the products with straight to the point angles.

JOY MACARONS // Dallas, Texas


Owner Elizabeth Lanier gave me full creative reign to conceptually style and photograph her 2015 Fall Flavored Macarons. She also desired to have images specifically for social media highlighting these seasonal goods and also to celebrate the business' First Birthday. At the time, certain social media platforms such as Instagram was used to re-post customer's photos of the popular cookie. The objective was simple - create those airy, bright Pinterest worthy Instagram photos to showcase the "joy" - excuse my pun - of the company and the overall theme of the business. Using the natural lighting that fits consistently with the brand's aesthetic, I shot images to also match the high-end quality and minimalistic natural of JOY. Despite their brick and mortar store in the Bishop Arts District, JOY Macarons keeps everything clean lined and lets all the color fall on the macarons themselves. 

KUFRI LIFE FABRICS // Richardson, Texas


Any good business knows that rebranding takes a huge effort and a great deal of consideration. I was approached by Graphic Designer, Creative Director, and Owner Mili Suleman through Instagram to change her entire brand of Kufri Life Fabrics. Mili was extensive in her creative brief to create lifestyle images that consisted around the theme "RAW & REFINED" which speaks heavily to the fabrics that she helps to design. Working together on this shoot, Suleman made conscientious notes that a more simplified but casual photo was crucial to showcasing her more popular fabrics. As a smart businesswoman, the India native, selected the fabrics that were highly popular to her customers and also introduced new fabrics as well. We took natural lighting - a favorable approach that Suleman was particular keen on- and worked with contrast and just enough lights and darks to fully display the woven works with casual grace. The negative space acted as extra room for any text or illustration needed on the website. The collection of muted colors, an interplay of textures, and use of old worldly props gave Kufri a breath of fresh air and the website was relaunched in late 2015. 


BEDTHREAD // Denton, Texas


As a personal pro bono project, I reached out to local Dallas maker Allie Biddle about helping her with creating images for her Etsy site. As we both are young entrepreneurs in our respective fields, Allie and I discussed her love for homemade goods, her quirky embroidery, and her easy on the eyes graphic free hand designs. She let me discuss her needs for basic product images on a white background for Shopper Friendly pictures that gave an exact depiction of her goods. The best way to show scale with products is to put them in a lifestyle atmosphere especially when the products look relatively the same in shape and color. The Bedthread owner told me she thought she could see these three together in a kitchen. And that's all she said. With no photo reference and no actual access to a beautiful kitchen, I took the bare essentials of what defines a kitchen to really take the direction of the images to a different perspective. The lack of tiled walls, appliances, and other kitchen props would have taken away from the delicate loveliness of these pieces. Not to mention, the tones of the colors were so natural in tones that any dark props would bring to much noise to the image. In the end, Allie is ready to move forward to launching a 2016 project for Bedthread and has asked me to come for the ride.