Summer Digs: Kini Swimwear

First off, I hate swimsuits. For a number of reasons. I never look good in them. There's nothing that fits my taste. There's nothing for flat chested girls. (Side note: I will forever have the body of pre-pubescent teenage boy. *Crying inside*) Nonetheless, earlier this year I was scheduled for a wedding to photograph in Hawaii (blog post for that coming soon too) so I wanted a fun new swimsuit to wear. I found nothing that I liked. I bought two one pieces since that seemed to be the trend and when I tried them on, my body wasn't suited for it. I didn't have long legs nor a great torso to pull it off. I searched relentlessly and found a website called Kini Swimwear.


I don't know the route it took me to get to these guys but I googled and searched for swimsuits and found so many amazing ones but didn't really like any of the styles. I think I'm a little more reserved with my options. I don't do crazy or bold patterns and I'll sport more solid colors when I can. KINI Swimwear is based out of Australia and they create allow customers to CREATE their own custom swimwear using preset templates, patterns, and colors. I really found this to be amazing and a lot of fun. I put a video below of how the process works. WARNING: I say "actually" a million times.


For the longest time, I was a big fan of the popular swim brand, ROXY and sported a two piece from them for years. It was the closest thing but I realized a lot of the styles were the same and that they often were more flashy or flowery than I preferred. Designing my own was a new experience. I really had a chance to think about what I liked and what I thought looked best for my body. I've been practicing yoga for two years now and I love it. It's changed my body significantly and one of the best features from it is my shoulders and arms. To accentuate that part I wanted my top to be bare in that area and take area from my flat chest. My lower body isn't the ideal long legged, tight ripped six pack and so I knew going for the high waist bottom was my best option. Also I felt that high waisted bottoms were a summer trend to explore since I've never owned anything like it before.


When I received the swimsuit, I had order it way in advance before I went to Hawaii but it came a few days after I returned. When I got it, the swimsuit was exactly what I picture it to be. It even came in a cute little pouch of the same material! When I tried it on, I really liked the top. It fit perfectly. I liked too that I could pull the zipper down for more room when I felt like I needed more air around my neck.. The bottom took me a little time to get used to. At first, I felt like I was wearing granny panties but the more and more I wore it, the more i realized how nice it was not having to suck in my stomach when I felt fat. (REAL TRUTH) The swimsuit was snug and not tight at all. Even while playing volleyball, I never had to shift or move around my suit. One or two times the "KINISWIMWEAR" tag would pop out but that's not a big deal at all. 


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All photos by Lionel Park. Swimsuit courtesy of KINI SWIMWEAR